A Crazy Neko's Tuna Can

Same old, brand new cat. Tuna x Cheese = Hungree kitteh!




My Gmail account got blocked who-knows-when because Gmail says there was suspicious activity on my account. Whatevurrrr. Thanks for the unintentional panic you caused me guys. =____=;

CHARICE's ALBUM IS PURE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Mahirap kalaban ang katamaran.

I know I promised Tito Bots I'll tell him about my stalker. Apparently, it's a bad thing for a blogger to lose interest because you tend to shy away from the daunting task of recording it. YES I AM LAZEEEEEEH. And sad to say I LOVE IT. XDDDD

Anyways, the guy already stopped bugging me after I lashed my sharp tongue (or fingers in my case) at him. Just two messages for him to keep his distance. I'm still too good to simply say 'Fuck off'. It also helped that Jay threatened him [indirectly]. lol.

Am now about to try Pet Forest on Facebook. After getting hooked on TinierMe, who knows... I just might be starting to perk up my online activity. Whew!

This post has no tags whatsoever. For a freakin change.


Let there be Spark!!

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We can now send in suggestions in behalf of our members! KEWLNESS. (actually, I found out roughly two weeks ago and completely forgot about it. What a responsible employee I am! /headdesk)

I sent an email blast to the team earlier after our team huddle to share the Innovation Forum with all the reps. I hope this stuff works otherwise, I'll need to punch someone squarely in the face. �_� me thinks I need to do more sit-ups btw. Off topic, I know. XD

In other news, I'm so EXCITED about TinierMe! Cutesy at its finest~ I never was very adept with Gaia Online, I grew tired of that quickly. TinierMe is the new OzWorld. Fishing galore~ XDXD So anyway, due to the limited budget I have to spend on outfits, I settled on a simple cosplay.

Meet my Haibara Ai! XD

ChibiPet Area (someone in a kimono right there)

Join me in Selfy Town, register on TinierMe!

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Audition Tribute? *blinks*

I think the featured video on http://www.clubaudition.com.ph/ is outdated. The video was posted last December 2009. (Nice one Exoduz! :3) Okay, so maybe it's not as outdated, pero it would be nice if they updated it every month. Kaya nga featured eh, it should stay there only for a set period of time. Maybe it's updated every quarter? XDXD

Dear kenchii commented that PF (Pussyfierz) club shoulda been there too, but I think di na included because PF has been inactive for a very long time. I should know, I was there. Ex-club moderator-turned-club-babysitter. Hays, the good old days. =/

...I miss playing Audition already. :( Should I play again?...

Wait... what's my account user ID again? =.= Crap. $&#()@#^@&#%~!!! /facepalm Why is the e-Games account page SO useless D: SOMEONE IMPROVE THE INTERFACE FAST RUSH GRRRR!


P.S. Congratulations to XLR8 especially to my prodigal brother Kiko Ramos, aka pussyfierXYN. Your ate Rakie (excluding me, LOL jk) is proud of you. ;)

You're So Hot MV this was shown @ Domi4

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WiniLa! *Envyyyyyyy*

I was told this site was officially launched last Domination. ENVY LOR~ X(

WiniLa officially partnered with e-Games and was given the spotlight during the annual gaming event. I heard people went crazy for it. Imagine, some people won iPods, Skullcandy headphones, 19" LCDs and a gaming laptop was also auctioned off. ALL COSTING LESS THAN A THOUSAND PESOS. No, it's not a scam as much as I want to believe myself. It's really everything I dreamed of and more~~ 8D~

So anyway, WiniLa's take on online auctioning bases its strength in the last few seconds of the auction. This is what we call 'bid sniping'. It's a lot different from eBay's proxy bidding system. All items start with a price of PHP 0.00, and every bid you place in the last few seconds add 10 more seconds to the duration! In Tagalog, this literally means "matira ang matibay", or Last Man Standing. :3 Ain't that neat!?

Posted below are some direct links to the local WiniLa webbie for your viewing pleasure. <3

Sold Auctions. LOOK AT THE PRICES 8D~ http://www.winila.com/ph/?page=auction&sub=closed

Help Page/FAQS http://www.winila.com/ph/?page=help

Register as my referral ^_^ http://www.winila.com/?thru=email&myemail=ENTER_YOUR_EMAIL_HERE&page=register&invite=1126&friend=amarymei

Still don't believe me? Check out the site yourself and visit their Facebook page HERE. Enjoy~!

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Cleared through another batch of mail/message spam. Damn Facebook and Yahoo. PEOPLE, DON'T EVEN TRY TO ACCESS news2link .org!!! /facepalm One invitation did interest me though. Me wonders what's in this link: http://fbookapp.50webs.com/sodacansecrets.html

It says you'll never want to drink soda again after you see this. Well, the page is saying there's no available survey for my country. Hence, I still don't know what the heck it is. ._. Okay... that sucks.

For the record, I went to the clinic yesterday to have a checkup because of my allergies (caused by my own stupidity, sigh) and noontime fever. The doctor scared me by saying it was Herpes Simplex. Turns out, it was just an aftereffect of the rogue allergy. WTF. I still have to observe myself and come back if my lip swelling doesn't stop after 2 days. He says we can't rule out the Herpes. UGH. Nice. /headdesk

I just ran a Wikipedia search just in case. I found the keywords "fever blisters" and "oral herpes". Okay, sounds safe enough for me. I DID run a fever. And I had a freakin allergy. Sue me. OTL

So, while I'm being perfectly behaved (BAWAL KONTRA @$&*!~), I'm back to downloading loads of songs in hopes that one day, I'll get to add more songs again to my iPod. It feels more like it now belongs to Jay rather than it supposedly belonging to me. *laughs* Well, I did get to keep Whitey (the PSP) while he has the iPod. I miss Crisis Core and Audition Portable already ;___; I was rewatching the epilogue just now on the PC (for the umpteenth time) and I still get teary-eyed. I think if I was in Cloud's position, I would have thrown myself all over Zack. But being in the body of a guy, that would have looked... awkward. It's bad enough that my mom thinks Zack is gay a girl. D: *positively bawling*

He looks at peace, my mom is seriously whacked if she thinks Zack looks like a girl here. D:

In other news, I got meself an Audition lanyard! :3 I forgot to bring it with me though, I can use it to secure my phone when I go out. Cuteness, but I was told it cost PHP 100, which I personally thought was too much considering the 'thickness' of the fabric used. Ahem. Meh, let's just say the 80-Peso value can pass as "souvenir material". XD

That's it for this update. I need to take my medicine, and my lower lip is still swollen. T__T

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Laging huli sa balita

...Ako yun. OTL

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I soooo did not know my old highschool friend, Issa Sarosario now has a baby girl. Actually, I didn't even know she got pregnant. Nakita ko lang sa FB primary pic nya yung pic ng baby. /headdesk

Anyways... congrats Issa! Take care of your baby and make sure she grows up not just like you but better than you. Accomplishment yun! Hehe. Don't we all want the best for our kids (to-be)? *wink*
In other news, I got back in contact with another dear highschool friend thanks to his great *ahem* stalking skillz and some friends who disclosed too much personal information on the net. =.= Mixed feelings right here.

If anyone remembers Ray Christian Joaquin, yeah that's him. I know HE HASN'T CHANGED A BIT XDXD still the same complexion, still wearing glasses. It's like it was just yesterday he was saying goodbye and entrusting his Playstation game collection to me. ACK I SOUND LIKE AN OLD LADY D: I just remembered him because the song playing right now was one of his recommendations. You rock dude. Miss ya, come back home to PH sometime with your wifey! :3

I think I'd better log out now while I still have time to get some decent sleep. I go to Domination 4 tomolo! RAWR!

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Facebook SPAM

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I wish it was as easy as 1, 2, 3. Can we also rebuild the PC with just a snap of our fingers? :))

Anyway... Hail Facebook, Lord of all SPAM! /worship

I just checked on my FB account again, catching up on news and stuff. Aside from finding out Boss Soi Cañete from my office went through a Bell's Palsy panic, I checked my Messages and found a funny personal message from a guy who isn't even in my Friends list.

Yes, it's a spam message. I guess the site would instantly send you a trojan, malware whatever something. DON'T TRY TO ACCESS THE LINK EVEN IF IT CAME FROM A REAL-LIFE FRIEND OR RELATIVE!!!

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